Interaction Design  |  UX/UI Design  |   Politecnico di Milano 2021


Nicola Besana, Tatiana Martinez, Tala Chehade, Tsvetomira Ivanova, Giuseppe Fazio, Andrea Fesce

An interactive system to enhance motivation for children to participate during lectures and keep them focused, especially for children with ADHD

tools used



After effects


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The research, ideation, and concept definition phase were done all collaboratively, 

and each one of the team members contributed equally.

The system
Main responsibilities
Testing the activities

Wizard of Oz testing




Using Figma we conducted a simulated activity with kids in order to test how the overall interaction and UX work and if the structure of the activities and complexity of the system is suitable to the target users.


UI projection 

Collaboration was the main focus for this part of the system, and it was very crucial to facilitate here an intuitive interface with clear instructions and controls for the activities, to make it as simple as possible for them to collaborate together.
Important was for us as a team to implement here our key idea of trial and error as a part of our collaborative learning approach.

Final UI activities
  • clear feedback (using highlighting and color-coding)
  • guiding instructions at all times
  • learn from your mistakes approach (until they find the right answer)
  • reward at the end of the activity

Adapting the UI for other activities

Instructions and feedback

An important role for the activities because they should properly guide

the children and make the activities as clear as possible.

Final instructions and feedback

Types of feedbacks


1. UI elements on the projection – character animation, highlighting the answer 

2. Physical elements feedback 

Final prototype of activities

Multiple choice



The purpose of the characters is to further engage with the children with the imaginary world we were creating with the system. They make part of the whole concept we created of ‘learning as being explorers’ focusing on learning as an exploration process, not simply following a path.

Our galactic crew


some character explorations

Character animation

Well done!

End of activity

Sorry! Try again


Character adaptation across the system

Prototyping and testing 


First physical prototype

Prototyping the activities

For the prototypes, we used Figma and then projected the activities on a real table with a projector to get a sense and feeling of spacing, distance, colors, and also how visible the instructions are.

The final system prototype
The team