Interaction Design  |  UX/UI Design  |   Politecnico di Milano 2020

role & responsibilities:

UX/UI, Interaction and communication design, Primary research, secondary research, user personas, user journey, user scenarios, storyboard, information flow, low to medium fidelity prototyping, wireframing

tools used:




“Beyond JIA. Empowering children, connecting parents, and supporting doctors! Based on AI technologies.”

The big idea


Bring value to children with JIA (Juvenile Idiopatic Arthritis) by designing a system using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to monitor and predict future states of the disease, so both doctors and family are aware of the condition and can act accordingly, while addressing also the children needs: to be able to live a healthy, fulfilling life without feeling different.

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This is a project done in a collaboration with other 3 classmates

— design research —
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is a chronic condition that affects 1 in every 
100 children under 16 years old. 

We made 6 qualitative semi-structured interviews with parents, and 2 with professionals. In addition, we collected over 60 filled forms of the questionnaire we published on an online facebook support group. 

Main insights

After we conveyed desk research and primary field research we collected the most relevant insights to help and guide us in the next phase.


Symptoms can change over time, even day to day. Pain can appear anywhere at any time, without a specific pattern, and children struggle a lot in expressing their pain. Parents take a lot of effort to understand and take care of their children. According to our questionnaire, the treatment phase is considered the most difficult phase by most parents. Each patient needs a personalized treatment. Doctors don’t have enough information to assign a responsive treatment, they can only make attempts and wait.

— Why JIA? — 
— Personas — 
— the AI system —
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Info flow

We designed the system, so we can address both the needs of children with JIA and their parents but also their doctors that often luck information about their condition.

While mapping the info flow, we considered all the actors using the system and all kinds of information that we will need/use and the output that the users will get eventually. 


— Machine learning —
Bayesian Network/bayes classifier
Machine learning classification
— the physical product —
The wristband 

We wanted to design a product that is first of all, kids friendly by using soft materials and nice, happy colours, but most of all – something that won’t make them feel any way different than others. Nothing but more than an accessorie, the Joy wristband comes in 3 different colours made out of soft silicon material. 

— the app —
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