Esselunga App Redesign

UX/UI Design  |   Politecnico di Milano 2020

role & responsibilities:

UX/UI, interaction and communication design

Primary research, site-mapping, user flows, information architecture,

low to hi-fidelity wireframing, prototyping, usability testing.

tools used:




After conducting a thorough research with heuristics and user evaluation, we were asked to redesign the Esselunga online grocery shopping app in order to further cater for the users’ needs of the brand. We wanted to have a personalized UX accompanied with a simple navigation overflow and a skeuomorphic UI. Our redesign’s selling point focuses on the importance we give to the cart that is always present at all times. We also added a drag and drop feature to replicate the in-store user experience to further encourage people on using the app without feeling that their experience is lacking in any way possible.

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This is a project done in a collaboration with 4 other classmates from Politecnico di Milano

— Design Research —

Research drivers and goals


After doing our research, we defined our main drivers/goals. We wanted to focus on flexibility, making sure the experience is fluid and seamless; content visibility and easy to reach, error prevention; simple navigation. We also wanted to create a more personalised experience, since the old app so far didn’t had any smart feature. In terms of aesthetics and emotions, we wanted to replicate more in-store user experience, and for that we decide to go with skeuomorphic UI and simple style.


— Usability Testing —

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Main issues that we found in the old app are concerning excessive back and forth while moving from one section to another, lack of accelerators, no hierarchy, critical info being hard to reach.

— Our solution / Prototype — 

‘Per te’/Home

– personalised navigation bar

– enhanced search bar

– personalised smart suggestions


– New items hierarchy without back and forth

– New enacted and relatable drag and drop feature

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Item details

– Skeuoromophic UI

– Content placement

– Simple navigation flow

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Lista spesa & Preferiti

More intuitive and accessible checklist


– Flexibility 

– Skeuoromophic UI

– In-store inspired UX


– Clear animated feedback about item and price

– Always accessible to enhance flexibility

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– Delivery settings at the beginning for error prevention

– Clear feedback for items affecting delivery date when adding

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— Recap —