UX/UI Design  |   Interaction Design  | Politecnico di Milano 2020

Team: Nicola Besana, Tatiana Martinez, Tala Chehade, Tsvetomira Ivanova, Guiseppe Fazio

Cooquill is a cooking app that provides exclusive content from professionals and chef stars. You can choose between different cooking paths, access tutorials and masterclasses, and create your own menu.

tools used




After effects

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The research, benchmark, and concept definition phases were done all collaboratively, 

and each one of the team members contributed equally.

Concept app

The main idea of the app is that it provides different paths while cooking.

By choosing between different options, you get slightly different result. 

Cooking seen as a nonlinear experience, rather than linear. 

User Experience strategy
UX/UI app

Visual Identity

User flow

Main responsibilities
Search recipes page 


Final design and prototype

  • variety of categories with a different visualisation for each
  • filters available to narrow down further the search
  • suggestions before searching to help them get started
Search bar and Results page
  • auto-complete, suggestions, and related search to enhance the search experience and help the user by recognition
  • accelerators for adding a recipe to favourites
Cooking page
  • a different path for a personalized recipe
  • voice control and slide accelerators
  • add your notes and see chef’s recommendations while cooking
Menu Builder
  • suggestions on the main page
  • personalization by using different filters such as mood, time, etc.
  • menu result page including all meal courses
Ipad adaptation
Project recap
  • the ability to follow two recipes at the same time
  • choose your preview
  • receive notifications to make your decision