AR  |  Interaction Design  |  UX/UI Design  |   Politecnico di Milano 2021


Riccardo David, Giorgia Piacentini, Diba Dayyani, Tsvetomira Ivanova

ARmadio is an Augmented reality app that allows users to see the impact of their clothing on the environment in a fun and engaging way, and get informed about more sustainable options.

tools used

Unity Engine



Rhino 3D

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Main features
Main responsibilities

The primary research and concept definition and user flow were done all collaboratively, 

and each one of the team members contributed equally.

Impact visualization
3D models moodboard
Visualization concept
  • a composition of blocks, each one represents a different impact
  • cubes height will change depending on the scale of impact
  • labels with data will be available above each cube for more details
Wireframes of the app
  • simple UI with well visible buttons and easy access to the slider
  • adding the help button visible at all times
  • switch between states
App development in Unity


Single impact visualization

Impact visualization


final markers

marker explorations

Coding with C#


Guess the impact slider

code for changing the scenes

Final prototype